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Manual tuning For those who need to tune out their competitors

The cost of professional advertising setup from  800 $

Заказать разработку лендинга
Topics: there are relatively simple topics and complex, requiring compliance with certain rules of moderation
Show region. For the regions with high competition it's more difficult to set up and advertise
Amount of time for work. It's easier to set up a one;service campaign than a large catalog of products or services
Before you start to calculate your budget you need to determine the region of advertising and composition of requests. That's why I offer an individual selection of the cost for the project, because when media planning I not only assign a cost for work but and make an estimate of the cost of traffic on the basis of statistics of advertising sites. The cost, volume and timing of the work will be prescribed in the media plan

What affects the price of setting up and maintaining

What will be done to achieve the result?

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аналитика рекламных кампаний
эффективная контекстная реклама

of the result




I will make predictions of the number of impressions, clicks, CTR and cost of advertising based on semantics. Up to 2 ad campaigns in a media plan - free!
Doubting the result? Don't be! Better order a test advertising campaign with a minimum budget and a period of only 1 month
In the course of campaigning I select the most effective methods of optimization, so that advertising costs are reduced and the impact increases
Coverage, CTR, %, number and value of requests, ROAS - the result is evaluated by real indicators of advertising effectiveness!

Stages of work

Task discussion
We get to know each other, discuss the task with you. If necessary, you fill out a brief questionnaire
On the basis of the first stage I choose the best option for promotion and calculate the advertising budget
Discussion of conditions
We discuss terms of cooperation, sign documents
You pay in advance. I work with all new customers on a 100% prepayment. In the future it is possible to revise the conditions
Campaign creation
I create advertising campaigns according to the pre-agreed task, the amount of work and your marketing goal
You evaluate the finished project, give your comments, and I make the appropriate changes. The price includes up to 2 stages of edits
Project management
We launch the project. Within a month, I lead the campaign: correcting the seed core, turning off ineffective phrases, and making other changes
I provide reports-unloads, containing data on expenditures, impressions, clicks, keywords for search, data on conversions
If necessary, I give brief and clear recommendations for the further development of advertising accounts
What is contextual advertising? In simple words
Let me try to simplify. Contextual advertising is advertising that looks like the normal list of sites that you see after you type in your query, like "buy a T-shirt", and also various banners and images on sites connected to advertising networks. With networks, the displays don't come from searches, but based on the content of the pages you look at, your interests and search queries you nbsp;ve been viewed. Ads in Google are marked to notify you and notify you are exactly advertising
How does contextual advertising work?
In  search and networks - appearance of pictures with text, banners, videos on sites. Contextual advertising in search;based on search queries, audience and users interests, in networks - on audiences, interests, content viewed pages and etc. Also advertising is sometimes adjusted by gender, age and whether you ve ever visited a particular site before. Sometimes there are specific formats of contextual advertising that work according to slightly different principles, such as dynamic remarketing ads or banners on search. The mechanisms for selecting which ads to show at a particular advertising spot, as well as betting, are governed by their own laws. The quality of the ads and site, popularity of the topic, audience adjustments and etc. influence how high and often the ad will be displayed.
What is the difference between contextual and targeting advertising?
The very names contextual advertising and targeting advertising appeared long before our search and social networks became what we know them now. So the differences that used to be significant will not seem so strong anymore. Previously, contextual advertising was showing mostly in search, and mainly based on a user's search query, then there appeared networks in contextual advertising systems, and in their display was already taking not into account only the search query, but taking content. Targeted advertising was born out of social networks where people used to get together in different groups based on their interests or preferences, it was possible to create segments of different social network users and let advertisers show advertising messages to different categories of people. It used to be just pictures and text, but there are many more formats now. The word targeting itself is from the word target targeting, meaning to target a specific audience. But now these boundaries are conditional and blurred. There are advertising systems Google, Facebook. These are all systems of different big platforms, and principles of display in them often occur similar. So, according keywords can be adjusted advertising systems Google adjust to segments of users. The names became more historical, contextual advertising is advertising, which appeared thanks to the search engines, and targeting - thanks to social networks. Contextual advertising is basically advertising in  Google, and targeting advertising network is basically Facebook (FB + Instagram)
What does contextual advertising look like?
There are a lot of formats of contextual advertising, but the basic principles of division remain the same: text ads and media ads with graphics, sometimes video. Text ads are more used in searches and therefore look very much like search results: title, description, link, favicon, and also sometimes links and different add-ons and extensions. There s a lot of formats in networks right now, these articles will help you get started with them: «The main formats of Google Ads banners»
How to choose contextual advertising?
The selection of placement and formats of contextual advertising should be very careful. In order to make the right choice, I recommend contacting a specialist who, based on data about competition, your site, products or services, and also the budget for placement, will be able to select an individual plan. It's the most efficient way to do it because it avoids mistakes due to misunderstanding how the systems work and the different advertising formats
How to set up contextual advertising?
In order to start setting up on your own, you should first be thoroughly prepared, and better -take a special training. In setting up advertising is a lot of different details and features that need to be considered. The help in preparation at the first stage, if you decided to set up campaigns on your own, will help the information in their helpline. Google Ads help:
How much does contextual advertising cost?
The cost of traffic and adjustment can be very different. It depends on budget, competition, on time the specialist spends on campaign development, his qualifications and other factors. There's a  minimum price, outside of which there is no point in ordering advertising from a specialist, because traffic costs will not correlate with service payment for setting up and running the campaigns and the effect of displacement. On average it is $1,500 -$2,000 per traffic and work together. This is important to consider. The exception can be specific expensive goods and services, which market is small in capacity, but it;s in great demand. The setup cost in this case can be higher than the cost of traffic, but the probability that the costs will pay back quickly enough. Here is an example of such a business: artificial insemination clinics
What is included in the contextual advertising?
In the management of Google contextual advertising includes a whole complex of works: monitoring statistics and working out strategic development plan of campaigns, work with minus-words, work with semantic core and other targeting on statistical data, analysis and editing ads, work on increasing CTR, adjustments of rates. The total package is individual for every project and depends on the topic, competition and budget of the project.
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