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комплексная настройка аналитики сайта

The cost of installing counters and goals-events when ordering the site - 0 $!

When ordering you get a professional configuration of the web analytics system through Google Tag Manager. Before launching it is obligatory to debug and check the events, and also the correctness of sending data to Google Analytics counter. The cost of setup depends on the time required for work, on# average it is 4-6 hours for a simple setup and debugging. However there are complex projects that require development of the architecture code from scratch, for which the prices can be up to $ 1 000 - 2 000 $ and higher

установка счетчиков на сайт цены

I recommend to discuss the tasks of setting up analytics individually as all projects have different structures of receiving leads and tasks, and projects often require additional solutions: setting up call-tracking, dashboards Google Data Studio and etc.

GTM helps to speed up website page loading by not overloading code
Advanced options for customizing complex objectives
You won't have to make frequent code changes, and this will avoid errors and breakages

Advantages of GTM over standard code installation


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How to install analytics on the site?
You will need a basic amount of coding skills to install. If you have never done any programming before, I suggest you leave this work to professionals. In order to work with the system and get the benefits from it just one counter code isn't enough, you'll need to write the codes for the site events: sending messages, calls, video views, etc.
How do I set up Google Analytics?
It's important to understand that analytics is a package that helps you understand how visitors interact with the site m its content. In this plan, installing just one counter is not enough; it's important to think about the architecture of your goals and users' paths. However, the very first steps you ll be able to take with this guide from the help
How do I set up end-to-end analytics?
There are quite a few options for implementing end-to-end analytics, as well as services that support it. Examples: Google Data Studio data integration in CRM. The way you set it up will depend on which system you are going to aggregate data into
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