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Ведение РК на поиске Я.Директ для интернет-магазина китайского чая и посуды

Website update and advertising for private electrician

What the site looked like before work began:

Work on this project began in January 2020. First of all, it was necessary to put the site in order: change the texts consisting of stamps, change the outdated design from the 1990s, and implement user-friendly ways of communication
Conversion from Yandex and Google ads for the site from February 1 to July 31 was 7.14%, received 259 appeals from customers, and the average cost of attracting the lead was around 384 rubles from Yandex and 978 rubles - from Google ads. Many clients repeatedly refer to the master

Measurable result in applications

Making sites based only on the experience of competitors or acquaintances is often dangerous and especially dangerous in the budget segment, because such a strategy leaves only the option of price competition, and this despite the fact that making discounts without end is impossible. Same sites don't convert traffic to bids well, which increases the risk of paying for promotion for nothing. It is necessary to communicate the value of the offer not only at the expense of price, it is important to show new potential customers what you are special

Impersonal sites look bad: the content is hard to perceive, the offers are almost indistinguishable from each other, and the competition comes only at the expense of promises to make prices below market.

There are a lot of sites like this:

Template design as with many similar projects, serious layout errors, copy-pasted content, made the site almost unusable for promotion. With the launch of paid traffic and SEO-promotion, the costs would have been significant, and the return - small because of the low conversion rate
All the work was done in the budget segment, while the changes concerned the most important moments for saving the budget afterwards: the design, the text, the ways of contacting the audience. The client was directly involved in the creation of the site and during the development was in touch, commented constructively on the work, helped with materials for the preparation of photos and text of the site
Major changes:
- The site was transferred to the Tilda platform, which allowed for original design
- Changed the text, removing stamps and leaving the essence
- Create a new structure of the site
- Fonts, colors and graphics were selected from scratch
- Added photos that did the customer himself on his sites
- Performed SEO markup
- Analytics counters and targets are installed to properly count costs

What was changed:

What came out:

бюджетный сайт с хорошей конверсией для частного мастера электрика
The new compact design gives users a quick look at the list of basic services and information about prices and deadlines. You can write to the wizard via chat, messenger, or leave a request for a callback. All of these forms of communication customers actively use, depending on who has what option is more convenient. All the photos on the website are live, not staged, and allow us to understand the competence of the performer. Tested, the new site causes trust
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