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Сайт для АНО ДПО «ЦТАО»

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Website for the school of additional professional education

In March 2017, the appearance of the site was updated:


- сreate a new design for your site with a modern look and feel in a  short time and at minimum cost;
- increase your site's traffic;
- improve behavioral data
In order to increase the impact of Internet promotion and avoid previous deficiencies a usability audit was carried out. It revealed critical errors in design, navigation, content organization of the site. The audit helped us create a new design based on our previous experience.

Before the redesign / after the update:

Features of the new site:

- Fast development time - 2 weeks including preparation and approval of the content
- Tilda template low cost - 6 000 ₽ per year
- Logo, color schemes and fonts all designed according to BrandBook
- Easy to navigate
- Visitors will find helpful information about costs, terms, frequency of training and final documents issued by the training center
- Logical content structure: information is divided into  meaningful blocks
- Multiple feedback options to choose from
- Adaptive layout for different devices
- HTML tags H1, H2, H3, and alt for images
- Set up integration with Yandex.Webmaster and Google Search Console
The only paid source of traffic for the site for the period from March 2017 to June 2018 was contextual advertising, whose campaigns were not optimized for six months. Investments in SEO promotion are equal to zero. At the same time throughout the period there is a positive dynamics in the volume of free traffic from organic search. The number of conversions for search traffic is higher than for paid traffic by 2,6 times. The average cost of all conversions was 260 ₽. Average cost of courses for one person - from 1700 ₽.

Visitors and conversions:

Failure rate:

Due to competent development of the site was able to significantly reduce the cost of promotion


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