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Эффективно продаю автомобили ГАЗ

Efficiently selling cars

"GAZ" car dealer - incognito
The goal of optimization and advertising in the first phase: minimize budget spending with minimal losses in the number of conversions
In the works:

Advertising campaign in the search for Yandex Direct in the regions of Russia

Maintenance period after optimization:
February 04-24, 2019
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Adjusted the strategy, a detailed study of minus-words, adjusted the list of key phrases, edited ads, added all types of extensions
Advertising costs were down 87,114.01₽ (70.67%) from the previous period

Conversion cost per target for sending the "order car" form decreased by 1,333.28₽ (68.14%) to 623.46₽ relative to the previous period

The loss in the number of conversions was only 5 units (7.94%). The number of conversions after optimization was 58

Campaign Statistics:

Scope of the sEmantic Core:

ключевые цели яндекс метрики
как снизить расходы в яндекс директ
снизить стоимость конверсии в яндекс директ
Before the optimization 300 phrases
After optimizing 1200 phrases
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