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Ведение РК на поиске Я.Директ для интернет-магазина китайского чая и посуды

Advertising in Yandex search for an online store of Chinese tea and tableware

ROAS growth to 448%

Before the New Year's holidays the demand for many consumer goods increases. People buy a lot of food, clothes, souvenirs and gifts. The vendors logically have a goal -to make the holiday season the maximum income!
Client's search advertising campaigns in "Yandex Direct" were in pitiful condition. Many of them were fruitless for 3 months already. The client spent money on advertising and didn't get any results.
The client didn't understand why they failed; after all tea is one of the most sold items in winter season, and Chinese tableware is perfect as a New Year present. My client came to me out of fear of a big loss.
I did an audit and found problems with their advertising campaigns: after the  advertising campaigns didnt track statistics and wasnt optimized. I set out to fix the problems, and the result was not long in coming!

What's done:

- Selected one campaign from a list of search campaigns to optimize and check the results
- Tweaked the minus-phrases
- Using data from "Yandex Direct" statistics I found additional target requests and added them to the campaign as independent key phrases
- Disabled non-targeted and ineffective phrases
- Created new headlines and text with high relevance to users' requests and site content
- Add clarifications, quick links, and descriptions to them
- Created mobile versions of ads
- Adjusted bids by device type, audience and behavioral factors
- Adjusted bids for special placement positions

What the customer got:

- The campaign showed less ads for phrases that didn't make sense for the landing pages, which lowered costs
- Potential customers saw the answer to their search query in the headlines and text of ads that appeared at the top of the search results. It gave us a 32.8% increase in CTR -the ratio of clicks to impressions!
- At the season of demand growth the advertising was able to interest those users who were searching for the products we offered. The result was increased sales, profits and profitability
- After getting positive results from one advertising campaign their scaling them to other campaigns of the account led to an overall increase in revenues and profitability of "Yandex.Direct" advertising.
After the end of the season the client's financial situation allowed him to go on a long-awaited vacation!

Growth of return on investment in advertising ROAS to 4.48 (448%)

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