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ROAS на тестовом запуске РК - 910%

ROAS on the test run of advertising - 910%

Selling hockey bags in summertime

Before deciding to place contextual advertising, the owner of the online store wanted to see how effective this channel would be and whether it would bring in profits. Therefore, to begin with, I created inexpensive test campaigns for search, ran them for a month, and then evaluated the result
In the works:
Advertising on the search in the regions of Moscow, St. Petersburg and a separate campaign for the rest of Russia. Google: Search ADS for Moscow and St. Petersburg
Test period:
July 16 - August 16, 2018.

The appearance of the ads

Total advertising costs

(Yandex & Google)

14 860 rubles (235 $)

(for YaNDEX and Google ADS campaigns):

Costs of Yandex Direct

Costs of gOOGLE aDS

ROI (ROAS) в контекстной рекламе

At the cost of 14,860 rubles the income from advertising campaigns was 150,100 rubles.

ROAS (return on investment in advertising) was 910%.

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