Integrated promotion of your project
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Contextual advertising for a cleaning company


The point of the cases is to tell you about the possibilities that advertising tools provide. However, the cases don't guarantee that the same results can be repeated with the same values at different times. Every firm goes a totally unique way and gets different results, even in the same field. So before I share my information let's agree: my client will remain  incognito, it's his right, no additional information about him will say anything. And If you want to get your results, you'd better write and I will put together a media plan for you.
Creating an advertising campaign and launching it is only the first part. Manually or even by parsing all the relevant search queries - is not realistic, tomorrow people will be asking for a different information. The main part that most affects the results in the end is the maintenance and constant change of advertising. In the first time after the start the system didnt even get any statistics; the forecasted CTR and competitor bids were considered to calculate the cost of traffic, but as management,data collection and making tweaks, the campaign consisted of matchingup the right audience of the services of the firm. You can see the result of these changes in the screenshot below from October 2019 to April 19 2020. By the way, even the coronovirus quarantine did not scare the campaign, they keep getting applications from it, which shows that the system was well thought out

Dynamics of indicators since the start of advertising in the beginning of Q4 2019 to mid-April 2020: increased CTR, reduced cost of traffic, increased % conversion. According to the results of maintenance conversions became cheaper for the client, even in spite of the quarantine time

Startup, data analysis, and CPL reduction of 30.66%

Conduct the launch of advertising and  as early as possible to get clients for a fairly competitive cleaning industry at low cost, reduce the financial risks as much as possible at the testing stage

Preparation of advertising for the launch:

Before launching the campaign I checked the state of the site and landing pages, made a media plan based on the budget limit that we initially agreed with the client, determined the cost and timing of the work. I paid special attention to setting up analytical systems because it was analytical data that help reduce cost per  response from the site, without them it would be  unrealistic to get the  result.
When compiling ads, we took into account the texts of ads of competitors in the issuance, as well as the offer that the firm could make to its customers. Since the audience of advertising is not heterogeneous: they are both office buildings, and organizations that need cleaning of housing and private individuals - it was decided to connect users with the manager of the firm, who is engaged in selecting individual offers. After preparation the text of the ads took the following form:
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