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Настройка и ведение кампаний для завода ЖБИ «Неоплит»

Setting up and maintaining campaigns for Neoplit Reinforced Concrete Plant

Increase of % conversion by calls by 4,33 times in 2 months and decrease of bounce rate from advertising to record mark

Organization: Plant of Reinforced Concrete Products "Neoplit".
Product: Reinforced concrete products of own production: paving slabs, curbs, etc.
Target audience: The enterprises of road and railway building, industrial enterprises, the enterprises of oil and gas sector
Advantages: narrow specialization. Products conform to GOST. The company manufactures and  sells reinforced concrete products itself, so it offers its customers the prices lower than most sellers.
Target: To increase the number of requests to  buy products through the order button at  the site, sending forms and calls
Region: Ural, Russia
Reporting period: from April 21 to June 28 June
Budget: 34,000 ₽ (540 $)
Results: Increase in % conversion by calls by 4.33 times, increase in conversions by 1.46 times, decrease in bounce rate from advertising from 42.1% to 18.9%.
Bounce rate from advertising: 34,6%
Percentage of advertising revenue: 0,45%

Neoplit" plant cooperated with the agency, but advertising campaigns in Yandex.Direct and Google Ads did not give the desired result:

The site audit showed that the site was in relative order, the main problem was from the advertising campaigns. The screenshots show examples from the audit
At that time I was running advertising campaigns for a group of companies "NCG", for  organization "CTAO", and previously did a small website for them on Tilda. The executives liked the result and decided to trust me with the RK of their daughter organization - "Neoplit".
I did an ads express audit and found mistakes in settings and semantic core. In the Ya.Metrika counter there were no goals that capture leads, including adding products to cart. Instead they were set up with goals that didn t help optimize the ads, like tracking page#views;of the site
Because of poorly configured campaigns didn attract customers: 42.1% of visitors immediately closed the landing page. The ads passed potential customers by. The plant was losing money.

Examples of mistakes in Google Ads search campaign:

Examples of mistakes in Google Ads search campaign:

A large number of key phrases with low query status. The campaign has phrases with low quality and low CTR
Key queries are not grouped correctly
You have to agree that this is not a pleasant situation. It would have been unjustifiably expensive and difficult to reanimate campaigns in this condition, so we decided to start new ones. I sent a brief to the plant manager, got answers, and got to work
I studied the brief, got to know the product, prepared a list of unique selling propositions -the TAA for the ads. Before launching the campaigns I made an express setup of the Metrics counter: I deleted unnecessary goals and added a new one -go to cart to evaluate microconversions. We decided to do a full analytics setup with adding other important goals later. We continued to track calls through the Callibri service
The plant's director, Julia, was a pleasure to lead projects with - she answered all the questions of the brief in detail, gave the necessary information about the products and target audience. Undoubtedly, her active participation in the project increased the effectiveness of the advertising
цели-события яндекс метрики и коллтрекинг
After the preparatory phase, I began setting up campaigns in Yandex.Direct, RSYA, Google Ads and KMS. For the creation of search RK for 150 - 350 queries on average took 3 - 5 days

What was done:

Picked up the closest to the products of the plant queries and deleted the phrases that did not fit the meaning, such as "buy plastic drainage gutter
Assembled queries into groups so that the structure of the ÐÊ became logical, and analytics reports allowed to draw the right conclusions
For the ads I picked up a suitable list of key phrases.
I chose the targeting for the CMS: by keywords, by audience, by topics and etc.
I made ads for search, which included useful information for potential clients, and ads for KMS and Ð³äß;ads for the maximum number of formats
In ads I added extensions
Added UTM tags
Picked up the settings for the campaigns
In the first 2 weeks after the start daily analyzed the statistics of the advertising company, removing unnecessary requests and adding new ones; made adjustments to the settings as needed. Then the advertising began to give good results and such frequent checks became unnecessary

What does advertising look like in different systems:

Ads in Yandex search are made so that they collect the maximum amount of targeted traffic for the set budget


The ads have all the necessary additions added, they are shown in different stencils
The text of the ads responds to a search query from a potential buyer
I created several ad formats for RSYA, including video ads
For Google Ads in search, I created mobile and desktop ads with a maximum quality score. I worked on the minus-phrases regularly, made other adjustments as needed.

Google Ads

Advertising with a high quality score
Text ads that are relevant to users' search query in Google and landing page content
In KMS, Google selected combinations of targeting and created ads tailored to different formats and platforms, including Youtube


Bring the bounce rate to a record 18.9% for the site in one year
Increase your call  conversion rate by 1,46 times over the effectiveness of previous campaigns
Raise your call  conversion rate from advertising 4,33 times!

In 68 days of work, they managed to

We compare two periods: before and after creating new campaigns
Calls before - 35, after - 51
51 / 35 = 1,46
This is how many times did their number increase
The price of the call in the period from April 21 to June 28 - 663 ₽.
Advertising costs in Google Ads - 15,305.53 ₽
Total consumption - 33,795 ₽
Yandex.Direct advertising costs - 18,489.49 ₽
Bounces from ads declined to a record for the site's yearly 18.9% by June 2018 year:
Unfortunately I t was able to compare other results with agency ones because I t had targets set up for some leads and also the previous specialists right after the# audit didn#t have access to advertising#offices.
I'm still running my campaigns: I'm regularly monitoring the statistics by  phases of display, sites and ads and making adjustments based#on that.
In the coming months we're going to refine our analytics by adding new objectives and refining our semantics, ads and targeting so we can increase our advertising impact even more!
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