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Budget Landing page

LAnding for an electrician

How do you bring applications on Tilda and contextual advertising for professional electrician

website for a moving company

website for a moving company

One-page website on Tilda for a moving company

temporary site

The multi-page Tilda site served as a request gathering function while the main site was being developed

Contextual advertising:

Advertising in the Yandex search for a cleaning company

Decrease in the cost of conversions since start from 1378.29 rubles to 955.73 rubles (by 30.66%)

Selling hockey bags in summer

ROAS on the test run of Yandex and Google advertising campaigns - 910%

Increase in call conversion rate by 4.33 times in 2 months

Advertising campaign for a factory of reinforced concrete. Channels: Yandex.Direct, Google Ads

Traffic from search engines without paid SEO

Updating the site leads to an increase in traffic due to behavioral factors

Advertising in Yandex search for an online store of Chinese tea and tableware

Optimization of Yandex Direct advertising campaign invsearch. ROAS growth up to 448%

Effectively selling cars

And I save 87,114 ₽ (1400 $) of the campaign's advertising budget


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