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USP - it all starts with the context

What is a USP

In the complicated language of marketing, a USP is a rationalistic communication strategy with potential consumers. In essence, it is a small message about a product or brand, and it is about the benefit or value to the customer

The concept was created by an advertising expert from America Rosser Reeves back in 1961. He reviewed popular advertising slogans and texts at the time, which were more like boring eulogies. Reeves sought to create high-quality, concise and useful messages for the client, which would be able to convey to the consumer maximum data on the benefits of the offer

What we need it for:

To differentiate yourself from your competitors

Stand out from the crowd of similar products

Attract and gain the trust of the target audience

The famous M&M's slogan: "Melt in your mouth, not in your hands" has created a Reeves

Formulate effective offers that will increase the ratings of the product or brand as a whole

How USP works

Not every business owner knows what a USP is, much less how much of an impact they have on their business. In reality, a business exists together with its customers. Business is focused on the consumer, the consumer forms demand for the product, profit is the consequence of demand for the product. Demand and profit is and will be formed out of translation of the USP to audience

USP formulation can't be ignored, there is a considerable part of success of the advertising company and attraction of new, ready to order clients
The most common mistake I have encountered in practice is when the owner imagined that the text is produced entirely from the head of an advertising specialist on a blank page. It sounds wild, but such cases still occur, and the sad thing is that it is impossible to create an effective advertising text with such a story: there is a lack of data about the company, products and services, especially at the startup, when time is limited for creating campaigns and conducting tests. In this case, you can ask very long questions coaching specialists, and if you want to get a free answer - in vain, or use a simple method, which will be described below

Where do they come from

If the firm does not have a marketer, the only person who can formulate USP is the owner of the business.
Let's look at an example of why this is so:
Two advertisers in the same industry decided to advertise

One decided to optimize costs with the help of an advertising specialist and ordered the entire setup. However, there wasn't much information on the site and the advertising specialist used only the set of data about the company and product that was obvious for him from the text of the site, he didn't know about other advantages and the advertiser was very busy to answer the questions

The second advertiser responsibly approached the issue of advertising placement and prepared the lists of advantages of company and product, which distinguish his company from the competitors, for the advertising specialist

As a result, the audience liked the ads of the second advertiser more, because they were not common and obscure phrases like "individual approach", "high reliability", but were spelled out the terms of service and warranty period. The advertisement aroused more trust and the advertiser received more customers ready to make an order
One person's brain is a black box to another. We do not know what the other person may be thinking, and if we have not known him for a long time and often do not communicate, we cannot even imagine what he assumes or expects. In such circumstances, two options are possible: 1) ask 2) if there is no answer, make a hypothesis and test it. If there is no answer, tests can take a long time
Build on your business processes. Those strengths that distinguish you from your competitors are your TOC. This can be slightly faster delivery or shipment, a convenient product catalog, an assortment of a large number of items, factory warranties, handmade work, author's technique, etc. They are created according to certain rules:

how to create a uSP

A person who works with you recently is unlikely to know about all the processes of the firm and what qualities are important to its clients


4U formula

The advertising message must be specific. This means that when it comes to a product or service, you must first point out its useful properties, rather than presenting information about the merits of the firm
Make the message unique. Even if your product or service is common, you can find or think of a feature
The offer must be so strong and memorable that it can attract new customers
There is real uniqueness and fictional uniqueness. If you do something that no one else does, that's real uniqueness. However, if it's just another Korean cosmetics store, service center, or nail salon, you have to find something that you're not like every other firm in your industry
For example:
You have an online store for women's products in the mid-to-premium segments. Your audience loves novelties and unusual beautiful things. Among all your range, unlike competitors, there are products from unique collections of designers and famous fashion houses - this feature will form the USP
Reasonable prices, high reliability, adequate quality cannot help a person in any way. These properties do not speak of any particular benefit, but take up space in the text. If you know that your prices are reasonable, then it is worth saying that your price is, for example, $ 300 as the market average. High reliability looks sad compared to the life of the product for 7 years, and adequate quality is so abstract that you want to turn to people who will say that their product will not break when dropped on the floor
To the question "who are your customers?" the answer "all people, as many people as possible" is not appropriate. All people are no one. Let's put it this way: everyone is unique and wants to be different from others, for this reason the whole world does not order from the same store, and someone does not use the Internet at all. Choose narrow audiences. Even in the B2B segment, one firm may provide services for small businesses, while another may make a product suitable only for large companies
The reason to do something right now is a good motivator to buy. That's how Black Friday discounts work, for example

The magic of a USP in action

Dating on the Internet starts with search engines, apps, websites and advertising. Your promotional materials are an introduction to the customer and they will make a first impression. It is in your power to make it pleasant. Here is an example of how advertisements can be different from each other and create different feelings: in the first case - interest, and in the second - the desire to haggle for a discount or pass by:
рекламное объявление с утп
как не надо составлять объявления контекстной рекламы
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