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Google Call Only Ads now include a link option

Google has announced that their "call-only" ads now offer advertisers the option to add a link to their website
The "visit website" option will make the ad unit slightly larger, but the main headline of the ad will still lead to a phone call

What are the differences?

Previously, "Call Only" ads limited their functionality to a single clickable headline, a click on which automatically dialed the phone number entered by the advertiser.
An example of what cell phone call-only ads looked like previously:

The new feature will still be an option, not a requirement.Google recommends using the new feature to reduce the chance of erroneous clicks. This will prevent more accidental calls from users who mistakenly believe the headline will take them to a website like other search ads do.
How do I activate the URL feature?

When setting up a call ad, there is now a field for "Final URL " , like in search ads, it is marked as a recommendation field
Note that this is different from the confirmation URL field used to confirm phone number verification.Existing ads can be updated with the "Final URL" feature, which was activated for use today.How do new ads with a phone number look to users?

Like search ads, they also have a "displayed path" option where you can spell out a breadcrumb imitation after the final URL when it is shown to users.For users, the ad looks like this (image to the right):
Call-to-action ads include and URL tracking templates

Like search ads, there are tracking template fields in the ad setup screen.This means that you can continue to use tagged templates just like any other paid search adDetailed instructions for setting up Call Ads can be found here

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