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YouTube includes ads at the end of clips for all monetized videos

YouTube announces on its Creator Insider channel that it will include ads at the end of the video by default for all videos that can show ads. Now for income channel owners, any video over 10 minutes long will automatically include ads at the end of the video by default.

Channel owners can choose from three basic ad options: start of video, middle of video, and end of video.

All ads are optional, although it is important to know that all ad types are now enabled by default. This means it is possible to make a mistake and upload videos with more ads than intended.

Although ads are automatically enabled at the end of your video, you can turn them off at any time. You can turn off ads at the end of a video by unchecking the box during upload, or you can turn off ads at the end of a video for existing videos in the "monetization" tab.

Should the ads continue to be shown at the end of the commercial?

End of video ads are shown after you watch the video, which is the least intrusive type of ads YouTube offers, but there is a risk of tiring the audience if end of video ads are included in addition to the ads in the middle and beginning of the video.
Let's say all types of ads are included for a 10-minute video - that's a lot of advertising in a short amount of time.
Whether or not ads should be left at the end of the video is something you should check on a case-by-case basis.

Characteristics and advertising recommendations at the end of the commercial

End-of-roll ads are an unusual format. They are limited to YouTube and Snapchat, which makes them much less common than ads in the beginning or middle of a video.
Ads range in length from 12 seconds to 3 minutes. Shorter ads are recommended, as ads at the end of a commercial are the most overlooked of all ad types.
Viewers are unlikely to stick around long after the content they wanted to see is over. That's why advertisers are advised against using ads in the beginning or middle of a commercial as end-of-roll ads.
Advertisers need to get their message across as quickly as possible. And it helps to take advantage of one of the benefits of end-of-roll ads, which is the ability to go to a website URL.
Keep this in mind: keep the message short, create a sense of urgency, and invite viewers to click on the call-to-action link.

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