Integrated promotion of your project
запуск контекстной рекламы ограничения

When not to run contextual advertising

PPC advertising is a very powerful tool
However, it also has its limitations

#The product or service is not asked for in search. If your niche is so narrow and specific or new that almost nobody heard about it, there#is#no demand in searches and articles on the topic on websites and blogs, then contextual# advertising will not make an effect. There won't be any impressions. In these cases it's worth working out an exit strategy before you assess the possibility of using this tool

The  Site is poorly prepared to receive traffic. A clunky proposition, lack of positioning, outdated design -signals to work on marketing your company and site first. If you do that it will lead to  costs that are not comparable with conversion rates and profits

You have a startup with little revenue. In this case it's better to try to choose the cheapest promotion tools so you reduce the risks

Your product or service isn't expensive and the markup is low. Example: cheap costume jewelry. In this case promotion tools with lower level of investments work better: social networks, Instagram

You sell the product not in season. The  exceptions may be products with a fairly high level of demand even during periods of interest and some products at a discount. Low season is when network campaigns work best: flashy ads, banners and promotions can entice people who are just sitting in the network and not thinking about searching for your offer in search

Your niche is  highly competitive, the auction is hot, advertising clicks are  expensive, and conversion rates are so that advertising costs are either marginal or lower. Maybe in this case with the call-center will c handle the task better?
#Your target audience is offline. Example: various retail outlets. Here rather work the traditional methods of advertising and marketing, to which and should be addressed. There are exceptions to the rule, so check with Wordstat before you abandon all context, how many searches you ve got in your# region for a store or cafe nearby. Sometimes that's advertising that works well with hyperlocal targeting or with the name of the neighborhood and street

You've got a long sales cycle, ambitious goals and limited budget for promotion. Such history is typical, for for expensive goods: cars, large household appliances, real estate, and in B2B - for expensive equipment. In this case you shouldn't immediately expect a flood of requests from the context, because people, before making a choice, study information on the topic, compare your offer and proposals of competitors. They just need time and information to make a decision

If there's a big gap between your promotion goals and objectives and budget possibilities. In this case it's better to carefully consider the other possible channels and maybe a different method will work for your objectives. But least of all, I advise you to look where you can set up contextual advertising cheaply or for free. So you risk wasting both time, and advertising budget.
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