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The power of media advertising: Google Ads for YouTube

Why video marketing is interesting

Business advertising in social networks, such as FB and similar resources, has long been popular. Universal videohosting YouTube, which contains in functions of a social network, is gaining popularity now and it's more and more often used as an additional platform for marketing tasks

Tools for work

The most effective way to promote on YouTube is often to use Google Ads. To use this advertising tool, you need to go to the resource first and create a campaign

It's this way:

For the benefit of business:

A huge audience, a large number of users with different interests

Multinationality of the user audience

Great interest in video hosting content, which increases year by year

A set of YouTube ad formats will help you implement effective promotion strategies: expert reviews of products or services, demonstrating a new product, grouping the consumer community, building a company image, etc.
форматы рекламы youtube

YouTube campaigns are suitable for a whole range of marketing purposes: increasing sales, bringing products to market, working with reputation, etc.

интерфейс google ads или как создать видеорекламу
YouTube ads may appear in a list of related videos and search results page, the YouTube mobile home page, the beginning, middle or end of another video, in websites In banners, in apps banners, cross#page and native ads, affiliate sites and apps included in the Google network

To avoid confusion about formats, Google did a special help article. It explains in detail exactly where your video will appear and what format limitations exist: 375 464?hl=ru

And with the help of this article you ll easily be able to choose the right ad format: 467 968?hl=ru
форматы рекламных объявлений youtube

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