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The main formats of Google Ads /AdWords/ banners

Good banners push your audience to know more about a service or product and stand out from the masses of offerings that no one has paid attention to in a long time. If you're careful, your design and advertising ideas will help you fight for market share and customers. This article will tell you how to do advertisements, what formats there are in Google Ads, which ones are used where and how to advertise without having any extra corrections
Google banners help attract users on their favorite websites and apps;choose the appropriate format audience using many optimization tools: keywords; demographics; remarketing; data on location. Google Analytics helps you analyze the effectiveness of your banner ads

Overview of the main types of Google banners

The following types of ads are used in Google Ads media ads:

Адаптивные объявления

This ad format is complex and made up of text and graphic parts, they are used in all the ad units. On one site such ad can be displayed as a small text ad, and on#the other - as a big graphic ad. It doesn't look flashy, but if you need to test a hypothesis quickly or don't have the budget -this is probably the best option
Пример форматов адаптивных объявлений google ads кмс

Technical Requirements:

Horizontal orientation of images: aspect ratio - 1,91:1; minimum size - 600x314. File size not more than 5120 KB

Logo. Square: aspect ratio - 1:1, minimum size - 128x128 (recommended - 1200x1200). Horizontal logo: sides (4:1), size 512x128 px or larger (1200x300 recommended). Transparent background, center alignment. Size no more than 5120 KB

Contextual media network capabilities

Image square: sides - 1:1, minimum size - 300x300. File size not more than 5120 KB

graphic ads without animation

Can be presented in several file types. Unlike adaptive ads, the designer imposes strict restrictions on the appearance of which, banners created by the designer look better in terms of composition and design. Requirements for the design of such banners still have, the image must be of high quality: do not be blurred, according to the formats allowed in Google ads. The ad must be relevant to the advertised product or service, and the information must be valid and not contain content rated for adults only
баннеры google ads без анимации

Technical Requirements:

File type - JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF

Image sizes - 240x400, 320x50, 468x60, 728x90, 250x250, 200x200, 336x280, 300x250, 120x600, 160x600, 160x600, 970x90

File size - 150 KB max

Text. Should occupy no more than 20% of the image. In some advertising spots up to 5% from the left and right sides of the image can be cropped

An example of the appearance of adaptive ads

Example of the appearance of ads without animation

Graphic ads with animation

GIF ads are quite a popular format, mainly because of the ease of creating such banners and because the movement on the screen attracts attention. In addition to standard graphic editors, the task of creating gif-banners can help online designers, such as these:
Анимированный Gif-баннер


HTML5 is a universal form of animated banner ads. But not all advertisers can use HTML5 ads. An account must meet the following requirements: total spend on account must exceed $1,000; the account must have a positive reputation; no links to external images are allowed when using this format; drop-down ads are not supported; if web fonts are used, only Google Fonts will work
текстово-графическое объявление рся

Technical Requirements:

File type: Zip. Archive with HTML files, may also contain CSS, JS, GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG and SVG files

Image sizes - 468x60, 728x90, 250x250, 200x200, 336x280, 300x250, 120x600, 160x600, 300x600, 970x90

File size - 150 KB max

Example of the appearance of GIF ads


Technical Requirements:

File type - GIF

Image sizes - 240x400, 320x50, 468x60, 728x90, 250x250, 200x200, 336x280, 300x250, 120x600, 160x600, 160x600, 970x90

File size - 150 KB max

The animation may not play for more than 30 seconds, the animation can be played cyclically, the animation speed is not more than 5 frames per second

Maximum number of files in one archive - 40

Duration and speed of the animation (if any) - the duration of the animation is no more than 30 seconds, it can be played cyclically, but no longer than that time

Create banners so that they pass moderation

Quite often ads are rejected by Google moderation because the ads contain errors. To pass the test it is worth adhering to these rules:

- Ads should not contain grammatical or spelling errors, incomprehensible or meaningless phrases. The number of characters must not exceed the allowable limit. For adaptive ads the headline should be up to 30 characters, description up to 90 characters, long headline up to 90 characters and company name up to 25 characters. Ads should be clear and informative.
- Punctuation and symbols must be used correctly in the ad. Unacceptable and symbols and symbols that are not supported by the system are prohibited.
- Incorrect and unjustified use of capital letters is prohibited.
- Superfluous or inappropriate word and sentence repetition is prohibited
- No unnecessary or missing spaces or improper use of spaces.
- You can't add a phone number in the ad text.
- Ads must not use ad block features for purposes other than their intended use.
- Ads that don't include the product, service or company advertised are not allowed.
- The image is rejected when it is: blurred, indistinct, deviates from the vertical, upside down or does not occupy the advertising space completely. Ads, when deployed, should not cover the content of the site or application.
-Ads must not mimic the content or layout of the publisher site, news articles or features or Google AdWords text ads.
- No deceptive techniques are allowed.
- Ads must not look like a system notification.
- Ads must look like ads and differ noticeably from the content on the page.
- All GIF and SWF ads that have a partially black or white background must have a prominent border that is a different color than the background color.
- Advertising for a contest or prize game may not be the sole purpose of the ad. However, it is permitted to advertise sweepstakes and contests held on the site.
- It is allowed to imitate actions such as mouse pointer movement within the ad, but these effects must not exceed 5 seconds in duration.
- The ad may contain fake animated icons and other elements, but only if they have a functional purpose or are linked to the landing page
-Google may block ads upon complaint of the trademark owner

Requirements for individual business sectors

No mention of gambling, alcohol, other illegal businesses, dangerous goods and services, counterfeit goods, or political content is allowed.
You can read more about the banned topics and restrictions in the helpdesk:

Where will google adS ads be shown?

Place ads are chosen for display on the network on a variety of resources: sites, mobile applications, videohosting, taking into account the types of ads, target audience, targeting settings, as well as in accordance with  presence of advertising block on the site and  its format
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